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Zone Golf In

a simple and profitable way to diversify your services

Your customers will enjoy playing golf with one of our simulators. Whether for a group of friends in game mode, or for fun in Game Mode, everyone will have fun!

Zone Golf In is an opportunity for you to substantially increase your revenue. Whether you're running a golf club, a bowling alley, a bar, a billiard parlor, or any other sports or entertainment event, discover what the Zone Golf In can offer you. With our open contract formula, there is absolutely no risk, only benefits!

The benefits of offering indoor golf with Golf In Zone

Zone Golf In is a network of establishments offering a virtual golf experience thanks to our high-end simulators.

No maintenance fees
No maintenance fees and replacement parts for your golf simulator

For the duration of your Zone Golf In membership, we replace, parts of the golf simulator, the projector, and touch screen (computer, projector, grass mat, etc.) at no charge. In addition, you will always benefit from the latest version of the E6 Connect software.

Zone Golf In prepaid card
Zone Golf In Card Inside the indoor golf course

Create a network of members that keep you in touch with them, as well as offering promotions and invitations to your events. In addition, the sale of prepaid cards allows you to better plan your income. To learn more about the benefits of Golf In member golfers, visit the Member Page.

Zone Golf In management program online
Management program for your Zone Golf In

You are in full control of your Zone Golf In, anywhere YOU are. Access your management program to: • Grant an employee access to the golf simulator • Generate sales reports according by period • Manage unique promotions, such as Ladies Night, Junior 18 holes, etc. You are limited only by your imagination! • Manage your fee structure and schedule. You can even create multiple rates.

Golf In promotional help for Zone across Canada
Promotion of your Zone Golf In

Joining the Zone Golf In also means taking advantage of the strength of numbers! Bringing together several ambassadors of indoor golf across the country, the popularity of this activity with everyone is tenfold. Golf In promotes its golf simulators and Zone Golf In network in many ways. Whether at golf shows across Canada and the, Unites States, through web advertising, particularly on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, or through its website, Golf In ensures constant development of the network. In addition, the company maximizes its visibility through promotional items made available inside your establishment. To find the current members of our Zone Golf In program see the Where to play page.

Technical support 7 days a week
Technical assistance included

Unlimited, no-charge service for any question or problem with your indoor golf system
By phone: 7 days / week from 8am to 8pm (Eastern time)
Online: 7 days / week 8 am to 8 pm

Summer hours (from May 3rd to August 30th)

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (Eastern time)

Order free parts via our online store, shipping in 48h

 Purchase or rental of golf simulators
Rent or purchase a golf simulator

Purchase your own golf simulator or take advantage of our no-investment option by renting.

A formula in constant evolution
A formula in constant evolution

Golf In is constantly investing significant resources to improve your virtual golf experience. An application will soon be available for Zone Golf In members, who will be able to reserve a tee-time, check game stats, and measure progress.

golf simulators online booking service offer with the Zone Golf In program
Online Booking

Developed by the Golf In team of developers, the reservations system has been designed to facilitate management. Your customers can guarantee their departure in two ways: either through the online platform or by downloading the Zone Golf In mobile application. They book their next round directly on their mobile phone. On your side, you have access to the complete list of departures directly on your computer via the administrator’s platform. You thus manage the simulators and departures as you see fit.

Zone Golf In mobile app for customers
Mobile app

The Zone Golf In mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as from the App Store for iPhone users. It is available to all Zone Golf In customers, to give them the best possible experience! Members access their prepaid cards directly on their phones, allowing them to pay for their games immediately. All transactions made on their card are displayed. Online departure booking is also available using the app. Note that several other features will be added over time.


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