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Golf In

A passionate golf simulator manufacturer

Golf In is more than a Canadian manufacturer of high-end golf simulators; it's a team of golf enthusiasts and professionals who invest their time and energy developing golf simulators with uncompromising realism.

Research and development, bench tests, tests of competing products; everything is done to provide the best quality of golf simulators on the market.

In less than fifteen years, Golf In has ambitiously carved out a place in the golf simulators market for the manufacture and sales. Discover the story of this passionate family business!

The history of the Golf In golf simulator manufacturer


Golf In simulators are promoted in businesses all over the world, and growth continues in new markets.


Golf In expands its premises for a fifth time in as many years. The company now has 10,000 square feet to meet the manufacturing demand for golf simulators. Gille’s son & Carl’s Brother, Steve Fortin, invests in shares and joins the team as the Director of Production.


Zone Golf In are showing up in locations across Quebec and Ontario, allowing merchants to offer their customers a superior virtual golf experience.


An Ontario sales rep is hired with the mandate to meet the growing demand in that province.


Golf In begins exporting its products to Europe. Golf enthusiasts from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium are now playing indoor golf with Golf In simulators.


Golf In moves to a 5,750 square foot facility. In addition to golf simulator R&D and manufacturing, a testing room is created.


Golf In focuses their efforts on golf simulator sales.


Carl Fortin and his father, Gilles, found Golf In.


The Fortin brothers create the first version of a prototype golf simulator