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28 February 2022

GolfIn, the company specialized in the fabrication and installation of golf simulators,is proud to announce the launch of its own technology: the IDRA camera. Known forthe quality and durability of its golf simulator enclosures, the company now offers itsown tracking technology specifically tailored for GolfIn configurations. 

Four years in the making, the IDRA camera was developed by IT experts and a golfprofessional, making it the perfect marriage of performance and accuracy. Thecountless hours spent on development and the thousands of balls hit led to themost reliable camera for indoor golf simulators. Indeed, its convenience makes itideal for both training and recreational purposes. 

Practically, the ball data (carry distance, total distance, ball spin, side spin, ballspeed, ball direction, ball deviation, launch angle & apex) and club data (club path,club speed, club face & smash factor) are taken from a precise algorithm, the dualcamera technology, and a 3D stereoscopic vision. The camera also comes with a clubrecognition feature and a larger hitting mat using real tees for a more realisticgolfing experience.

The determination of the name IDRA did not happen by accident. First, it stands for‘’high draw’’, the term used to describe a golf shot where the ball goes on an outside-inside trajectory in high elevation. It is one of the prettiest shots in golf and manygolfers aspire to master it, so the name has a symbolic significance. Furthermore,IDRA is inspired by HYDRA, which is the largest of the 88 modern constellations, alsoreferring to the high elevation of the shot when you hit it right.