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18 October 2023


Saint-Georges, October 18, 2023 – Always on the lookout for the latest technologies that will add to the performance and enjoyment of golf, GolfIn keeps on innovating and further developing its state-of-the-art simulators. It is thus great news for the golfing community that GolfIn announces the integration of GSPro software, the leader in next generation golf simulator software, to its cutting-edge simulators.

GSPro, stunning 4K graphics and exceptional realism 

Known for its astonishing 4K graphics, ultra realistic ball physics, and a massive community who constantly contributes to developing new games, GSPro is THE benchmark in golf simulation software. By integrating this new highly advanced technology to its simulators, GolfIn once again brings the game to new levels. “The integration of GSPro software to our simulators is a great leap forward in the complete interactive golf experience”, proudly states Carl Fortin, president and founder of GolfIn.

Uniquely integrated by GolfIn

GolfIn has taken the integration of this technology very seriously, and because the company always strives to do things better, it did not hesitate to add its own touch. Thanks to its user-friendly menu, golfers can easily access all game commands along with GolfIn’s exclusive shot analyzer. “We are very pleased to provide golfers with the tools and information needed to improve their skills, and this, now with hundreds of GSPro games.”, adds Carl Fortin. 

GSPro, true golf simulation software that consistently evolves 

Reasons are many to use GSPro, other than its extraordinary and super realistic graphics built on the Unity game engine, local and online play is possible with up to 8 players in stroke, scramble, stableford, match play, best ball, alt shot, and much more soon!

And this is only the beginning with GSPro, you can expect constant game updates with new features. In addition, the list of courses created by the GSPro community is growing every day!

The GSPro experience has reached new heights with GolfIn’s unique integration. GSPro’s official launch on GolfIn simulators is planned for November.

About GolfIn

GolfIn is a company specialized in the fabrication and installation of golf simulators. Known for the quality and durability of its golf simulator enclosures, the company offers its own technology specifically tailored for GolfIn configurations. Years in the making, the IDRA camera was developed by IT experts and a golf professional, making it the perfect marriage of performance and accuracy. The countless hours spent on development and the thousands of balls hit led to the most reliable camera for indoor golf simulators. Indeed, its convenience makes it ideal for both training and recreational purposes.