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Golf In signs exclusive partnership with NGCOA Canada


18 November 2021

Alongside being present in the homes of golf enthusiasts and in numerous commercial venues across the country, Golf In has a growing presence in golf course facilities as well. To solidify this area of business, Golf In has signed an exclusive partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada.

Golf In & NGCOA: A Logical Partnership

The COVID-19 pandemic has been overly beneficial for the golf industry in general. Not only golf was picked up by many people given the fact that it was one of the only activity available at the time, but it also extended to other areas of business. With the weather reality of most Canadian provinces, golf cannot be played year-round. Some golf course facilities looking to extend their business offering to operate all year found a solution with indoor golf simulators. Through this collaboration, NGCOA Canada will work hand in hand with us to help golf courses across Canada diversify what they have to offer and make the most out of their business.


Golf Simulators designed for Golf Clubs

Golf In offers different golf simulator configurations to fit both commercial and residential settings. Aware of the reality of golf courses, we have developed a golf simulator model tailored specifically for this matter: the Golf Club model. This model can be mounted and dismounted easily in a few hours, making it ideal for the seasonality of a golf course calendar. Indeed, it can simply be installed in the club house reception room when the outdoor season ends and then taken down when the outdoor season picks back up to utilize the same space for other purposes. Many Golf In simulators with this feature are used for indoor golf leagues, club fittings, private lessons, Christmas parties, etc.


Growing Presence Across Canada

Since Golf In was founded in 2005, the company has installed numerous golf simulators in golf facilities across the country. Being present from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, Golf In was already on a quest to offer golf enthusiasts with an alternative to practice their favorite sport year-round. This new partnership with NGCOA will only help us double down on this objective.