Questions regarding the simulator,
the minimum space required or the Zone Golf In program?

Take a look at our answers!


For each simulator model, we have recommended room dimensions (pdf with all models and recommend room dimensions) to ensure enough space to swing comfortably.

We offer both permanent and dismountable installations for residential and commercial configurations. See for yourself in our configurator.

It is possible to get a standard simulator model or to customize your configuration to fit your needs and space restrictions. Take a look at our configurator or contact us to learn more.

Zone GolfIn is an opportunity to diversify your commercial activities with an open contract formula where you can buy or rent the simulators.


The club and ball data collection comes from the IDRA, the camera developed by GolfIn.

The IDRA camera has been developed by GolfIn professionals specifically for golf simulators. It is meant for golf simulation, unlike other technologies on the market.

The manufacture of GolfIn simulators is made with premium quality North American materials. Our robust structures are made from 6063-t52 aluminum, coated with solid panels, with full surface floors and hand-made crease-free screens.


Our simulators are built with top tier materials, making them highly robust and durable over time. That being said, some parts like the hitting mats or screens will need to be replace at some point after hundred of hours of usage

In addition to golf, GolfIn simulators can be used for the Multisport mode (hockey, baseball, soccer, disc golf, etc.) or for entertainment with the home theater option.


Our top end simulators models adapt to various budgets. Other than the monetary aspects, there are other important things to think about such as room dimensions, if you want a permanent or dismountable installation and your needs. Visit our configurator to learn more.

To make the GolfIn simulator project possible, you need to plan to spend on decoration for the simulator room, lighting and proper electrical wiring.